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Promotion with a prize fund of 5 000 dollars and the launch of a bonus start - September 24 at 20:00 GMT +3!


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Launch of the bonus start and promotion - 09/24/2022 at 20:00 Moscow time!

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Dear players! Due to a number of updates, we decided to organize a bonus start and a cash promotion for 5 000 dollars for everyone who wants to join our community.
Special bonuses for new characters and a money race will give a good opportunity for accelerated development and involvement in the subsequent gameplay.

Briefly about the bonus start:

  • The holding period is 14 days from the date of launch.
  • Applies to all new characters created after September 24th at 20:00 GMT +3.
  • Level range 1 - 40 (inclusive). 
  • What bonuses will be given out:
    • Coupons for temporary equipment No/D-Grade, the exchange is available in Shop-e, section Other, as well as in the Class Manager.
    • Changed rates: EXP/SP x5, Adena x2, Drop x2, Spoil x2.
    • Premium account rates: EXP/SP x5.5, Adena x2.5, Drop x2.5, Spoil x2.5.

Important about the promotion:

  • Only new characters created after the launch of the promotion are allowed to participate.
  • ALT+B displays a list of all tasks and rewards, as well as progress on them.
  • Passing professions exclusively by quest, buying a profession from the Class Manager, the task will not be counted.
  • The winners are announced in the global chat.


1st on the server Reward Winner
Character level 10 15 dollars  
Character level 20 30 dollars  
Character level 40 75 dollars  
Character level 50 150 dollars  
Character level 60 250 dollars  
Character level 70 400 dollars  
Character level 80 1500 dollars  


1st on the server! Note: Reward
Killed 5000 monsters 20+ Lv Lv of the character must not exceed 5 lvl(s) by the difference from the killed mob 100 dollars
Killed 15000 monsters 20+ Lv Lv of the character must not exceed 5 lvl(s) by the difference from the killed mob 150 dollars
Killed 25000 monsters 20+ Lv Lv of the character must not exceed 5 lvl(s) by the difference from the killed mob 250 dollars


1st on the server! Reward Winner
Received the profession of Warrior 15 dollars  
Acquired the profession of Human Knight 15 dollars  
Professed Rogue 15 dollars  
Became a Human Wizard 15 dollars  
Became a Cleric 15 dollars  
Professed Elven Knight 15 dollars  
Professed Elven Scout 15 dollars  
Became an Elven Wizard 15 dollars  
Professed Elven Oracle 15 dollars  
Professed Orc Raider 15 dollars  
Professed Monk 15 dollars  
Professed Orc Shaman 15 dollars  
Professed Plaus Knight 15 dollars  
Acquired the profession of Assassin 15 dollars  
Acquired the Dark Wizard profession 15 dollars  
Professed as Shillien Oracle 15 dollars  
Professed Scavenger 15 dollars  
Got an Artisan profession 15 dollars  
Acquired the profession of Warlord 50 dollars  
Became a Gladiator 50 dollars  
Became a Paladin 50 dollars  
Professed Dark Avenger 50 dollars  
Became Treasure Hunter 50 dollars  
Got a Hawkeye profession 50 dollars  
Got a profession Sorcerer 50 dollars  
Became a Necromancer 50 dollars  
Professed Warlock 50 dollars  
Got Bishop Profession 50 dollars  
Received the profession of Prophet 50 dollars  
Became a Swordsinger 50 dollars  
Became a Temple Knight 50 dollars  
Became Plainswalker 50 dollars  
Professed Silver Ranger 50 dollars  
Received the profession Element Summ. 50 dollars  
Professed Spellsinger 50 dollars  
Professed Elven Elder 50 dollars  
Professed Destroyer 50 dollars  
Professed Tyrant 50 dollars  
Professed Overlord 50 dollars  
Became a Warcryer 50 dollars  
Professed Shillien Knight 50 dollars  
Became a Bladedancer 50 dollars  
Professed Abyss Walker 50 dollars  
Became a Phantom Ranger 50 dollars  
Professed Spellhowler 50 dollars  
Received the Phantom Summ profession. 50 dollars  
Professed Shillien Elder 50 dollars  
Became a Bounty Hunter 50 dollars  
Became a Warsmith 50 dollars  
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