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Grand Opening [1st] Interlude x50 NEW - February 17 in 20:00 GMT +3! Open Beta Test - February 14!

List of game changes.


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Gameplay Changes:

  • Window limit expanded to 2+1.
  • Buying a premium account is now available for Coin of Luck in the Donate-Shop.
  • Disabled fees for offline trading. Just use the .offline chat command
  • Newbie Buff: buff duration has been increased to 60 minutes, regardless of the presence of PA (attention! the next update will contain a level change from 61 to 40).
  • Halved the amount of Soulshot consumed for D-Grade and C-Grade bows of all types.
  • Destroyer: removed all previous restrictions, but increased the consumption of Soulshot D-Grade by 2 times, C/B/A/S-Grade by 3 times with the effect of Guts or Frenzy, using a pike.
  • Raid Boss'ы 20-51 Lv: changed drop chance to х2; EXP/SP x3.
  • Temporarily added the ability to teleport for Vote Coin (exception: Hunter, Shuttgart, Rune, Goddard, Aden, Ivory Tower, Oren, Hein). Buying Scrolls is available from the Gatekeeper.
  • Starting quests (3000+ soul\spiritshot) now have no restrictions on completion by a second character from the same account.

These changes will take effect on September 7, after the morning restart at 10:00 Moscow time!

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The updates will take effect after September 23, after the morning restart. You need to update the patch through the updater.


  • Disabled SS/BSS/Arrow consumption in events.
  • Newbie Buff: Can now only be used up to level 40.
  • .autoloot is no longer disabled after a character relog.
  • Fixed display of drop chance from mobs if the value is more than three numbers. 
  • It is allowed to use manufactory while registered for the event.
  • Information about monsters (shift+click) - can now be used on monsters that are in the target.
  • Information about monsters (shift+click) - now does not open the menu when clicking on dead mobs.

New systems:

  • Sale of crystallization and buffs (character, character). More
  • Promo Codes, calling a window using the command - .promo
  • Knowledge base. Available in the general menu (ALT+X) image.png.f5bf998c7d4daed934916f9b1d000b32.png
  • Global Chat. Allowed to use characters from the 20th level. Mandatory presence of a premium account.
    To operate the chat, you need to enter ">" at the beginning of the message. There is 1 message available every 30 minutes.

Client side:

  • New Action. Available in the "Actions" menu (ALT+C).


  • Added a function to display HP above the head of the character/party members/pets/NPCs. 
    The configuration is available in the game settings, "Interface" section



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