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Promotion for players for 1,500 dollars!


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For additional motivation of players, on the x50 [OLD] server , we announce a clan action!
From August 26 to October 20, there is a "Promotion for the best clans" with a total budget of 1,500 dollars. The results will be summed up every week: 


Period 1 from August 26 to September 1
Period 2 from September 2 to September 8
Period 3 from September 9 to September 15
Period 4 from September 16 to September 22
Period 5 from September 23 to September 29
Period 6 from September 30 to October 6
Period 7 from october 7 to october 13
Period 8 from october 14 to october 20

The clan rating will be formed by the number of points scored, the rewards will be distributed as follows:

1st place - 7,000 rubles
2nd place - 3,000 rubles

Points for killing epic and raid bosses:

  • Core - 500 points
  • Orfen - 500 points
  • Ant Queen - 1000 points
  • Zaken - 1500 points
  • Frintezza - 1500 points
  • Baium - 3000 points
  • Antharas - 4500 points
  • Valakas - 6000 points
  • Shadow Lands Boss - 1000 points
  • RB from the list - 50 points

    Fire of Wrath Shuriel
    Longhorn Golkonda
    Last Lesser Giant Glaki
    Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs
    Ketra's Hero Hekaton
    Ketra's Commander Tayr
    Ketra's Chief Brakki
    Varka's Hero Shadith
    Varka's Commander Mos
    Varka's Chief Horus
    Cherub Galaxia
    Queen Shyeed
    Flamestone Giant
    Lord of Splendor Anais
    Storm Winged Naga 
    Last Lesser Giant Olkuth 
    Menacing Palatanos
    Death Lord Ipos 
    Death Lord Shax 
    Ocean Flame Ashakiel 

Hero points:

500 points for each hero

Points for killing/deathing a war in the epic zone:

Kill - 1 points (points cannot be obtained from a clan that does not have them)
Death - 1 points

Promotion Terms and Conditions:

- Check the number of points in the game - .clans
- Restriction in the clan - 120 people.
- The minimum online in the clan to participate in the promotion is 12 people throughout the promotion!
- The administration does not interfere in the gameplay (for violation of the rules, only exclusion from the promotion).
- It is forbidden to win prizes by twink clans.
- In the Grand Boss PvP Zone, it is forbidden to use Resurrection by one clan member on another.
- To receive a payout, the clan must attend at least 80% of game events (epic bosses, sieges, etc.).
- The administration is not responsible for how exactly the clan leader will share the reward with the clan. Payments will be made to the clan leader's wallet.

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