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Grand Opening [1st] Interlude x50 NEW - 28 October in 20:00 GMT +3! Open Beta Test - 25 October!

Change log for new x50 server.


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  • Additions:
  1. Added accessories to Donate Shop: Dread Baium / Zaken Sword's / Valakas Mask / Antharas Head
  2. Added Blessed enchants B (armor\weapon) and C (weapon) grade to the Donate Shop
  3. Added dynamic price system for teleportation: up to lvl 39 - free. C 40 is the standard. From 60 - increased.
  4. Added icons to macros for easy sorting.
  5. Added maps of dungeons and caves.
  6. Coin of Luck - added to the list of possible items for purchase in the Private Store.
  7. Added ability to catch Item Skill with Mid-Grade Life Stone 76 lvl (2% chance)
  • Changes:
  1. Fear/Word of Fear - Moved to de-buff list.
  2. Clan-Patch: Fear/Word of Fear - moved to the list of de-buffs.
  3. Clan-Patch: Changed identification icons for Life Stone skills.
  4. The promotion "1st on the server" has been changed (more).
  5. Castle capture system narrowed down to one castle - Aden > Saturday > 17:00.
  6. ".whoami" - now has an extended list of character stats.
  7. The /target command has been changed - now, being dead, allows you to target, except for Epic Boss'es.
  8. Removed the condition "up to lvl 80" in the setting that increases damage to physical classes.
  9. Decreased chance of passing debuffs.
  10. Changed the number of required components for the exchange of Shadow Magic.
  11. Changed Nephilim\Zombie grade to "S".
  12. Hero Weapon's - can now be deleted.
  13. Increased the visibility distance of character identification marks (nicknames\titles\clan badges\ali).
  14. Increased the disappearance timer for mobs with the Spoil effect from 5 to 20 seconds.
  15. The spoil system with the premium has been changed - now it depends on the finisher (the character who finishes the mob needs a premium).
  16. Changed the duration of Boss Paralyses\Silence to 30 seconds.
  17. The drop of all Life Stones has been changed, namely, only: Mid 76, High 76, Top 76 are left.
  18. Changed the level of Zaken from 60 to 80, as well as its drop list.
  19. The price for the Noblesse service has been changed from 30 to 40 COL.
  20. Changed the condition for inviting players to events. Now players who are in epic zones are not invited.
  • Fixes:
  1. Erase - now does not affect clan members' pets.
  2. Item Skill: Battle Roar - Now restores the added amount of HP.
  3. Mass Resurrection - now passes on alliance, and range has been increased from 600 to 900.
  4. Fixed a bug in Archer classes that did not allow increasing damage after learning 2/3 professions without a character relog.
  5. Fixed the problem of updating de-buffs on top of the imposed ones (now it is impossible).
  6. Fixed the initial position of the "lock" of blocking experience from "closed" to "open".
  7. GvG: You can now cast Celestial Shield/Salvation/Heal on opponents.
  8. GvG: added forced "participant" check on critical errors.
  9. Fixed the ability to attack alliance members with magic without using CTRL, as well as damage to nearby targets caused by a pike.
  10. Fixed respawn coordinate for dead players "to town" from a corner in Four Sepulcher.
  11. Orfen - Fixed a bug for magic damage depending on the height of the attacking character's location.
  12. The DeLevel system has been fixed - skills are not blocked - the skill level itself is gradually decreasing, depending on the level at which it is pumped. Removes a skill if the difference between the current level and the level of its acquisition is more than 11 lvl. Removed the need to update the dialogue with the NPC to proceed with the reset.
  13. Fixed a bug that prevented the sale of items through the GM Shop
  14. Fixed Cleanse in the NPC Buffer with a more extensive list of skill types.
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  • Additions:
  1. Added 100% ready chance to drop Badge quest items (Alliance with Varka\Ketra).
  2. Donate-Shop: Added Sword of Miracle's.
  3. Donate-Shop: Added Shadow Scrolls of all kinds.
  4. Donate-Shop: Added Rice Cake (35 pcs = 1 Coin of Luck).
  5. GM-Shop: added Rice Cake (1 piece = 100.000 adena).
  6. DeathMatch: Added 2 Rice Cakes to each kill. 
  7. Added repeat sharpening for skills.
  8. Added a dynamic price system for using buffs in NPCs:
    - up to lvl 39 - free
    - from 40 - 1.000
    - from 60 - 1.500
    - from 70 - 2500
    (changes take effect after the first restart of the server from the moment of opening; the price is for 1 buff).
  9. Added payment for teleport via Alt+B (also included a dynamic price system depending on the level, details in the teleportation menu).
  10. Clan-Patch: Shortcuts added:
    - /soe (unstuck)
    - /t nickname (target)
    - // nickname (invite)
  11. Added 8 Hexa Beetles (4 each) to Imperial Tomb rooms that were missing them.
  12. Added 9 Soldier Scarabs (3 each) to Imperial Tomb rooms with few mobs.
  13. Added Assassin of Empire in the amount of 4 pieces (2 each) to the first 2 rooms of their main spawn.
  • Changes:
  1. Changed LvL Core and Orfen to 80. Extra: Added a nice drop (Information in the game).
  2. Increased the drop rate of Dildo from Shadow Boss (from 1% to 10%).
  3. Donate-Shop: Dildo moved to Exclusive section.
  4. Changed the point of appearance of the quest monster for the quests of the 3rd profession in the Ketra Orc Outpost location when talking with the sign.
  • Fixes:
  1. Fixed visual display of P. Def on new shields.
  2. Disabled the ability to remove the Alt+Click buff at the Olympics.
  3. Fixed "Slow" from Infinity Bow.
  4. Fixed quest reward for Delicious Top Choice Meat (Beast Farm). 
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  • Roqus locked this topic
  • Additions:
  1. Added options for the BlockBuff ability to the .menu.
  2. Added 90 person limit (for 1 clan) in epic boss zones, including Shadow.
  3. Added auto-confirm group\trading between windows with 1 HWID.
  • Changes:
  1. Changed the maximum number of people in a clan from 120 to 90.
  2. Changed cooldown of Item Skill: Resurrection (a few seconds longer than normal resurrection)
  3. Changed the duration of the effect of Blizzard and Inferno skills - now = 30 seconds.
  4. The mechanics of the Unlock skill on the Treasure Box has been changed - now it does not have a chance to paralyze the owner.
  5. The .rcm command has been changed - now you need to have a clan level 8 to use it, a cooldown of 15 minutes.
  • Fixes:
  1. Fixed the BlockBuff skill - now it does not turn off after the character's death.
  2. Fixed Sanctity Crystal - now applies the effect of resistance from holy attacks.
  3. Fixed Inferno skill - now takes away health every second (118 units) when passing.
  4. Fixed Full Recovery in Infinity Scepter when using consumables.
  5. Fixed visual display of resources in shift+click for mobs.
  6. Fixed subsequent ability to trade between players after various actions, violation of the distance and others.
  7. Fixed "respawn Treasure Box" bug preventing them from respawning.
  8. Fixed a bug that allowed the .rcm command to be reused when re-logining a character.
  9. Fixed buffer "Cancel" - no longer removes Toggl skills (Arcane Power, etc.).
  10. Fixed bug resetting Grade Penalty when enchanting.
  11. Fixed the category in the Market for shields - now they are added through the Armor section and are found in it when searching.
  12. Fixed the door when entering the Frintezza hall - now when Scarlet Van Halisha spawns, the door closes.
  13. Fixed renewal of a premium account - now you do not need to re-login to your account after the expiration of the first term.
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