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Открытие нового x800 - 9 февраля в 20:00 | ОБТ - 6 февраля

Heroes of the Olympics - on Open Beta Test 6-8 February


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" Heroes of the Olympics " promotion with a prize fund of $300 for your Personal Account!
Promotion starts: non-class -  February 6 at 20:00 UTC +3
Class tournament for a certain list of professions - February 8 at 21:00, more details

Join the Great Olympics competitions and win cash prizes to your Personal Account balance. 
Absolutely all classes can take part (31). The Olympiad is divided into non-class (12 combat professions) and class (19 non-combat), which will be held in the form of a tournament, where everyone will fight against their class. 

  • Each of the heroes in the non-class Olympiad (12 classes, list of available professions below) will be rewarded with $10 per PC. 
  • Distribution of prizes in the tournament-class Olympiad  (19 classes, list of professions below):
    • 1st place - 5 dollars
    • 2nd place - 3 dollars
    • 3rd place - 2 dollars

All rewards will be credited to the winners’ personal account balances (manually, by a moderator).

Key points:

  • Beginning of the non-class Olympiad: February 6, 21:00
  • Class tournament launch: February 8 at 21:00 
  • Scoring and awarding of heroics on February 8 at 23:55
  • The Great Olympics is open from 21:00 to 23:55
  • Shadow equipment allowed
  • Enchant limit +7
  • other points, such as restrictions, format of battles, etc. - see the link

Classes available for battles in the basic Olympics:

  • sonic_r.png Duelist
  • icon.png Phoenix Knight
  • feline_k.png Arcana Lord
  • POW.png Hierophant
  • magnus.jpg Elemental Master
  • raging_f.png Grand Khavatari
  • COV.png Doomcryer
  • salvation.jpg Cardinal
  • m_mirror.jpg Eva's Templar
  • POWW.png Eva's Saint
  • suspension.png Dominator
  • frenzy.png Titan

Classes available for participation in the Tournament Olympiad:

  • snipe.png Sagitarius
  • rapid.png Moonlight Sentinel
  • deadeye.png Ghost Sentinel
  • mirage.jpg Adventurer
  • dodge.jpg Wind Rider
  • counter.jpg Ghost Hunter
  • firevortex.png Archmage
  • dark_v.png Soultaker
  • ice_v.png Mystic Muse
  • wind_w.png Storm Screamer
  • panther.png Hell Knight
  • song_s.png Sword Muse
  • dance_m.png Spectral Dancer
  • shock.png Dreadnought
  • spectral_l.png Spectral Master
  • POW_W.png Shilliens Saint
  • touch.png Shillien Templar
  • craft.jpg Maestro
  • spoil fes.png Fortune Seeker
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