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[WEEKLY] Clan Promotion


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Promotion for clans

First launch : November 10 at 05:00 [utc +3]

To further motivate players, a [weekly] clan promotion with a total budget of “uncertain” will be launched on the Interlude x50 [NEW] server. The results will be summarized every week:

  • 1 period from November 10 to November 16
  • 2 period from November 17 to November 23

The clan rating will be formed based on the number of points scored, and rewards will be distributed as follows:

1st place - ... USD
2nd place - ... USD
3rd place - ... USD

* The number of places can be changed depending on the number of clans.

Points for killing epic and raid bosses:

  • Core - 500 points
  • Orfen - 500 points
  • Ant Queen - 1000 points
  • Zaken - 1500 points
  • Frintezza - 1500 points
  • Baium - 3000 points
  • Antharas - 4500 points
  • Valakas - 6000 points
  • ShadowLands Boss - 1000 points
  • RB from the list - 50 points

Fire of Wrath Shuriel
Longhorn Golkonda
Last Lesser Giant Glaki
Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs
Ketra's Hero Hekaton
Ketra's Commander Tayr
Ketra's Chief Brakki
Varka's Hero Shadith
Varka's Commander Mos
Varka's Chief Horus
Cherub Galaxia
Queen Shyeed
Flamestone Giant
Lord of Splendor Anais
Storm Winged Naga 
Last Lesser Giant Olkuth 
Menacing Palatanos
Death Lord Ipos 
Death Lord Shax 
Ocean Flame Ashakiel 

Points for receiving heroism:

  • 500 points for each hero

Points for killing/death of a var in the epic zone:

  • Kill - 1 point (points cannot be obtained from a clan that does not have them)
  • Death - 1 point

Points for capturing a castle:

  • Aden Castle - 1500 points
Terms and conditions of the promotion:
  1. Clan restrictions - negotiable
  2. Check the number of points in the game - .clans
  3. The minimum online presence in the clan must be at least 9 people throughout the entire promotion
  4. It is forbidden for twink clans to take prizes
  5. Clans that will play together (not beat each other, resurrect, farm together/at random RB, etc.) will be warned, and in the worst case, excluded from the Promotion
  6. It is forbidden to deliberately “leave” an epic to another clan (priority is not prohibited)
  7. It is prohibited to obtain points for different clans using the same players
  8. To receive a reward, the clan must take an active part in at least 50% of game events
  9. The administration is not responsible for how exactly the clan leader will divide the prize between clan members

The administration has the right to deduct points/exclude from the promotion for violating the rules.

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