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Grand Opening [1st] Interlude x50 NEW - February 17 in 20:00 GMT +3! Open Beta Test - February 14!

Automated GvG tournaments in 9v9 and 3v3 formats on OBT [1st] x50 new!


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Date of 9x9 - July 12 at 22:00 Moscow time!  | Date 3x3 - July 13 at 21:00 Moscow time
(Registration will be open 15 minutes before the start)

Registration is available using the game command - .gvg


Prize places 9x9: Prize places 3x3:  
1st place - 7,000 rubles                                                                                                      1st place - 3,000 rubles
2nd place - 5,000 rubles                                                                                                      2nd place - 2,000 rubles
3rd place - 3,000 rubles                                                                                                      3rd place - 1,000 rubles

Fight time - 5 minutes.
Time to prepare for battle - 1 minute.
The minimum number of teams to run is 4.
The minimum number of party members for 9x9 is 8.
The minimum number of party members for 3x3 is 3.
Buffer is installed on the arena, with all the necessary buffs (Premium Section - available to everyone).
All participants are given a skill - Noblesse Blessing.
Important! The last member affected by Salvation is considered dead and the team will be defeated.

Cans of Haste, Acumen, any resurrection scrolls.
Use of any CP/HP/MP cans.


  • Forbidden skills:¬†
    - Flames of Invincibility 
    - Item Skill's (LS) 
    - Clan skills
    - Bonus from sharpened skills resets to +3.
  • Prohibited skills during preparation:¬†
    - Limits
    - Earthquake
    - Snipe
  • Forbidden items:
    - Sharpening above +3 is reset to level +3
    - Epic jewelry (disables bonuses)
    - Scrolls of teleportation
    - Pets

We wish good luck to all teams!

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