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Открытие нового x10 PTS - 29 сентября в 20:00! Открытый бета-тест - 26.09!



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To the attention of everyone who has not yet personally found a source of excitement, thereby not trying their luck by spinning the Wheel of Fortune in the game world - the time has come. Previously, there was no separate description of "roulette" and for a long time many could not get acquainted with it, or simply find it without having preliminary information about its existence.

So, what is a roulette wheel?

Of course - this is an opportunity to try your luck in getting quite rare and valuable items.
Consider our playing field (Alt+B):

As we can see, at the bottom we have all kinds of items and quantities indicated, if the arrow successfully hits the prize section at the top, after the rotation.
Items have 4 grades: Low (blue), Mid (purple), High (orange), Top (red).
As you can already understand - Low will come across more often than others, and Top very rarely, during rotations.

  • The spin cost is 1 Coin of Luck.
  • Free spins can be obtained:
  1. In draws held in the official Shadow Lands telegram group, or other social networks. server communities.
  2. When owning a character of Prime status, daily opening chests with a reward.

Many are wondering what is this mysterious item in the Top section?
It's simple - this item is called Decisive Part, and with it you can get Epic jewelry (not all types) and other items.


Available items for Decisive Part Qty Decisive Part to exchange
кольцоRing of Baium (after killing the boss) 10
кольцоQueen Ant Ring 6
серьгаZaken's Earring 3
Accessory necklace of frintessa i00 0.jpgFrintezza's Necklace 4
6661Orfen 1
кольцоCore 1
image.png.7585a8f1d44bf2d2b3233ecc797f0c59.pngShadow Ring 1
image.png.6ab0c5cca36785e93c69de5520720610.pngShadow earring 1
image.png.dc480bc5ee0056add3a06d87801d1a12.pngShadow Necklace 2

We wish everyone success, catch your luck 🙂

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