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Открытие нового x10 PTS - 29 сентября в 20:00! Открытый бета-тест - 26.09!

Battle for Champions (from 30.06.2023 20:00 to 06.07.2023 05:00 (GMT+3))


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Varka's Silenos Week

Dear players, the location loved by many players, for a while, gains a chance to spawn a champion mob. During the week, for every killed mob in the Varka Silenos location, there is such a chance. Champions have a Box in their drop containing interesting rewards.
More interestingly, the players will have to find out everything related to the "odds" in this event on their own.

  • Chest Rewards:
    • 6$ (with the possibility of withdrawing to real money)
    • High-Grade Life Stone: Level 76
    • Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S)
    • Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S)
    • Festival Adena

Event period: from 30.06.2023 05:00 to 06.07.2023 05:00 (GMT+3)

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