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Открытие нового x10 PTS - 29 сентября в 20:00! Открытый бета-тест - 26.09!

Merging x3 and x7 servers - 05/31/2023!


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Dear players! May 31 - x3 and x7 servers will be unavailable due to merger.
All characters will be given a premium account for 7 days. 


Key points:

  • x3 server will join x7.
  • Not transferred: heroism, Olympiad points, castles and ClanHall.
  • Date and time of boss respawn according to x7.


  • If you have more than 7 characters on your account, then the rest will be transferred to the new account(s) with the (1) prefix , etc. 
  • Added a service for free changing the nickname of the characters through the Personal Account, in case of duplication by the system and the presence of the prefix " (1) "
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