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Temporary PvP zones


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Dear players, for a variety of tedious farming, we present you with the opportunity to get distracted and plunge into the world of PvP, which will take place in 5 different zones, 5 times a day, lasting 30 minutes for each, which can also be activated in the "solo" or " group".

Let's start in order.

  • 5 PvP-Zone's:
    • Baium (lair)
    • Garden of Eva (one floor)
    • Boarder Outpost (fortress)
    • Rune Castle (upper area)
    • Fantasy Isle
  • Zone activation is accompanied by a game announcement
  • Teleport to the zone is available from the usual game Gatekeeper'a or using the command .pvpjoin / .pvpleave (to exit)
  • Each zone is filled with a certain number of monsters, with useful items added to the drop (premium affects the drop chance)
  • At the end of the zone duration - the top 3 players by the number of kills are calculated
  • Top 3 players receive a Box with random, temporary accessories:
    • suits/cloaks/mounts/hats
    • value depends on the occupied place in the top
    • temporary accessories (12h)
  • Schedule (not tied to specific zones):
    • 13:00-13:30
    • 15:45-16:15
    • 19:00-19:30
    • 22:00-22:30
    • 01:00-01:30
  • Solo-Zone's Limitations:
    • Group
    • Hiding game nicknames/titles/clans/vars
    • Login with 1 HWID
    • Protection for abusing kill bounties
    • Skills: Resurrection (all types), Greater Battle Heal, Major Heal, Greater Heal, Restore Life, Vitalize, Cancellation, Flames of Invincibility
  • Bonuses:
    • Killing - 5 CP Potion
    • 100 kills - a ticket for a free roulette spin
  • Amenities in the zones:
    • button "to the city" - if you're tired
    • button "fixed" - to respawn in the zone
    • restore hp\cp\mp after resurrection
    • clearing de-buffs after respawn
    • infinite Greater CP Potion with 1+ in inventory (in development)
    • toggle skills are not disabled on death (in development)
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