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[Event] Greed or Profit (active from 04/15/2023 to 04/30/2023)


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Dear players.
We present to your attention a new event - Greed or Profit.
(active from 04/15/2023 to 04/30/2023 inclusive)

Every day, at 21:30, each player is given the opportunity to participate in the killing of the Raid Boss, followed by the completion of the quest, testing their luck in obtaining valuable rewards.
When the event is activated - each player will receive an automatic invitation (can be disabled in the .menu settings). After the end of registration - all participants will be moved to the area with the Raid Boss, where after his death - it will be possible to meet an old gnome named Mraz and complete his task to get the key to his treasure chest.
For each new meeting with him - you need to repeat everything from the beginning.
Be careful Raid Boss has a strong attack.

After killing the boss, all participants in the event will receive a buff.
(Increases physical and magical attack + 7%, also CP / HP + 20%. Duration time - 2 hours.).

There are no restrictions on windows and hwid for this event.
The winner who received rubles is announced.
The amount of prize money is limited (Total 1,500 dollars).
Share the cake with the best!


Other details:

  • Registration at 21:30 GMT +3, available within 15 minutes.
  • Duration - 15 minutes.
  • It is carried out 1 time per day.
  • .events - for registration (or at the Event Manager).
  • Peace zone.

Items you will need to get the key:

Item Name Quantity Location
Etc skull red i00 0.jpgMonster Skull 500 Forge of the Gods
Etc skull white i00 0.jpgMonster Skull 500 Imperial Tomb
Etc eyeball i00 0.jpgHalisha's Mark 100 Shrine of Loyalty
image.png.1ff2c8c5a7a3c66c32c2c26bc67cd13f.pngTop Grade Life Stone: level 76 1 Primeval Isle / Bosses
Etc adena i00 0.jpgAdena 15,000,000 ~
Etc crystal gold i00 0.jpgCrystal: S-Grade 50 -

Items that can be obtained for completing the quest:

Item Name Quantity Chance
Etc coins gold i00 0.jpgCoin of Luck 50 4%
image.png.ff9dbfb467c9ef45fa703311ab954e81.pngCash (135 USD) 1 2%
Etc gem black i00 0.jpgShadow Crystal 1 15%
image.png.ab6da137a4d8906066b7388c0575d9cb.pngShadow: Enchant Weapon (Grade S) 1 4%
image.png.7d5f5b7e3885338d8ae763ddf10173a0.pngShadow: Enchant Armor (Grade S) 1 6%
Etc treasure box i01 0.jpgAccessory Box 1 20%
Etc oblivion blue i00 0.jpgColor name 1 10%
Etc blessed scrl of ench wp s i05 0.jpgBlessed: Enchant Weapon (Grade S) 1 10%
Etc blessed scrl of ench am s i05 0.jpgBlessed: Enchant Armor (Grade S) 1 15%
Etc scroll of enchant weapon i05 0.jpgScroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S) 1 thirty%
Etc scroll of enchant armor i05 0.jpgScroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S) 1 40%
image.png.61f0d651357d94585bb0a78ebbd3de74.pngGiant Codex (BOG) 1 50%
Br cp potion i01 0.jpgGreater CP Potion 500 100%
Etc scroll of return i01 0.jpgBlessed Scroll of Escape 1 100%
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