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OBT launch on August 20th, 20:00 GMT+3.


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OBT period [03/20/2023; 20:00 GMT+3 - 03/23/202; 23:59]
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Dear players! During the OBT period, some changes were applied:

  • All characters spawn in the Town of Dion square.
  • The number of game sessions is not limited.
  • All characters are given items in the amount of 1.000.000:
    • Coin of Luck
    • VIP Point
    • Gold Coin
    • Vote Coin
    • Adena
  • There are also many functions available from the OBT Manager (location also in Dion Square):
    • Weapons\armor\jewelry D-S Grade.
    • Any consumables, including skill books / premium runes / item boxes.
    • Pets and items for them.
    • Obtaining a profession / sub-class / noblesse.
    • Clan modifications (lvlup, crp, skills and other services).
    • Name change, title color and character name change.
    • Premium account activation.
    • Manipulations with character level / SP / skill learning (including Divine Inspiration, etc.)
    • Adding an Item Skill to an equipped weapon.
    • Buffer services.
  • GM Shop has 3 sections Gold / Vote / Donate (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with its services).
  • Olympics:
    • On around the clock
    • Issuance of Hero status every 3 hours.
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