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Sale of crystallization and Buffs (between players).


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 Good afternoon dear players. We decided to please our players with new gaming features, namely:

  1. Characters of the Artisan, Warsmith, Maestro professions have been added the ability to sell crystallization at a % profit.
  2. For characters with buff effects, the ability to sell them has been added.

How it works? Let's start in order.

  • Crystallization service at %:
    • To sell the crystallization service, the crafter needs to study the recipe (Recipe: Crystallize).
    • image.png.183c3e2a975695fbf10a93a78a57be66.png - can be bought for 3.000.000a + 15 Vote Coin (GM shop > other).
    • image.png.8be378cbf80a967dbca72e7fdf883d4f.png After studying the recipe - in the "Workshop" menu, you can add the "Crystallization" skill as a service for players, indicating%, from 1 to 90, that the crafter will receive for the service.
    • Ability to split ranks D \ C \ B \ A \ S grade - depends on the current skill level of the crafter and is synchronized with it automatically.
    • To perform the service - the seller is required to have in stock more than 50% of his max. the number of MP.
    • Attention! If the inventory is 100% full, the items will not be credited.





  • "Buffer" service:
    • image.png.858ed911378c4900334b319e6d0c8bca.png In the "Actions" menu (alt + C) - the player can open his own trading shop with Buff effects.
    • Each effect seller will be highlighted with a special animation and limited in movement, etc. things.
    • The minimum cost of putting the effect on sale = 100a, the maximum is 999.999a.
    • For each effect sold - the server charges a commission of 10%.
    • Temporarily unavailable effects - which are applied from pets.
      • When trading effects in a peaceful zone, the amount of MP consumed is halved.
    • .offline mode available (only in peaceful areas).
    • You can trade both standing and sitting.
    • Upon receiving damage, the trade mode is terminated.
      • The effect on the buyer is applied instantly, without animation, etc.
      • Effects can be "purchased" either by double-clicking or by right-clicking.
      • Effects can be added to sets for any player (number of possible sets = 5 pcs.)
        • to add effects to the set - hold CTRL and select the desired number of buffs, then press the desired one from 5 buttons to save image.png.967762dce41eba4cb1fa65f5905a87b5.png
        • set effects will not be applied if the seller does not have enough MP or consumables.
      • Buyers can switch the target to their pet in the effects purchase menu.








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