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Открытие нового x800 - 9 февраля в 20:00 | ОБТ - 6 февраля

Merging servers x50 [NEW]&[OLD] - 09.01.2023!


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Dear players! 9 Januar in the afternoon, servers [OLD] and [NEW] will be unavailable due to the merger.
Merging x50 will be available at 20:00 GMT +3!
All players will be issued a premium account for 7 days. 


Key points:

  • Heroism - saved from both servers.
  • Respawn of Epic and Raid bosses - by [OLD] server.
  • Epic boss level - by [OLD] server.
  • Auction and traders - merged from two servers.
  • Castles and CH - owners taken from the [OLD] server.
  • Olympiad points will be reset to 18, and fights to 0.


  • If you have more than 7 characters on your account, added the ability to switch between rooms "Character Selection" 
  • Added services for free changing nicknames of characters and clans, in case of duplication by the system and the presence of the "(1)" prefix. Nickname change service added to Career Manager.
    Characters whose nickname consisted of additional. characters - the number of characters that was in the nickname is available (others are possible).
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