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Открытие нового x10 PTS - 29 сентября в 20:00! Открытый бета-тест - 26.09!

How to vote for x50 server?


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Do you want to vote for the server and get good bonuses?

Everything is simple!

  • Your browser IP must match the one in the game.
  • Write the .vote command in the game
  • In the menu that appears, select "top".
  • In the "top" that opens, follow their instructions for voting (authorization is required somewhere).
  • After some time (up to a minute), after voting, open the .vote menu again and click the "Get an Reward" button.
  • An exchange for a temporary premium buff is also available in the menu.
  • Please note that for 4 votes there is an extra. reward - 4 hours of PA.



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